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Volume, Capacity & Density


  • 47 Interactive Slides
  • Three part lesson
  • Drag and drop independent activities
  • Interactive worksheet
  • Differentiated questions and answers


In this lesson, learners will understand the concept of volume by counting 1 cm cubes. They will also be able to:

  • calculate the volume of cubes and cuboids using formula;
  • calculate the volume of triangular prisms;
  • calculate capacity and density and; and
  • convert between units of volume.

Lesson can be used as whole class teaching by teachers and at home by learners.
Lots of drag and drop activity with instant feedback.

Contains 47 interactive pages

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  1. Jody H.

    Thanks very much for this.

  2. Debbie Rottler (TpT Seller)

    Thanks saves me time

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