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Pythagoras Theorem


  • 41 Interactive Slides
  • Three part lesson
  • Drag and drop independent activities
  • Interactive worksheet
  • Differentiated questions and answers


This is a lesson on Pythagoras theorem for learners in year 8. In this lesson, learners will be able to:

  • apply Pythagoras theorem to right angled triangles;
  • calculate the length of the hypotenuse and other sides of a right angled triangle; and
  • use Pythagoras theorem to solve problems in context.

Teachers can use the lesson for whole class teaching. Learners can also use it at home for practice and revisions.
Lots of drag and drop activities as well as interactive worksheets with instant feedback.
To access online choose the multiscreen.html file.
To access offline choose the swf file.

The lesson contains 41 interactive slides in stunning design and dynamic graphics that will engage your learners


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