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Year 9 Mathematics Curriculum

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Key topics to be taught this year:

Autumn Term Topic Further details about the topic
1 Area, Perimeter and Volume, Sequences
2 Algebraic Manipulation, Constructions and Loci, Graphs, Equations and Inequalities
Spring Term
1 Estimation and Approximation, Trigonometry, Cumulative Frequency, Quadratic Functions and Sampling
2 Triangles & Polygons, Drawing and Using Quadratic Graphs, Distributions and Averages, Fractions and Accuracy
Summer Term
1 Non calculator arithmetic, fractions, estimation, converting fractions and decimals, percentages, reverse percentages, compound interest.
2 Finding angles, parallel lines, polygons, angle proof, substitution, factorising, HCF, LCM, standard form, upper and lower bounds, truncation of numbers, linear equations, relative frequency, probability, expectation, listing outcomes.
April 12, 2019

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