Year 11 GCSE Mathematics Curriculum

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Key topics to be taught this year:

Autumn Term Topic
S36 – Geometry 1 3E – Angles in circles

3F – Proving circle properties

3G – Use your maths! Save it in the home

S37 – Algebra 3 12C – Finding rules for sequences (from page 394)

12D – Completing the square and finding turning points

12E – Quadratic formula

12E – Simultaneous equations 2

S38 – Statistics 1 8F – Venn diagrams, set notation

8G – Independent events – the AND rule

8H – The OR rule

8I – Probability trees

8J – Conditional probability

8K – Use your maths! Bills

S39 – Geometry 4 13C – Volume of prisms

13D – Volume of spheres, pyramids and cones

13E – Surface area

S40 – Algebra 2 6C – Functions, notation, inverses, composite

Test 8: S36 – S40

S41 – Algebra 3 12G – Equations of circles and tangents to circles

12H – Exponential functions

12I – Graphical solution of equations

12J – Use your maths! Fee the dogs

S42- Geometry 4 13F – Similar shapes

13G – Areas and volumes of similar shapes

13H – Use your maths! Car insurance

S43 – Algebra 4 16B – Algebraic fractions

16C – Equations with fractions

S44 – Geometry 5 17D – Graphs of sine, cosine and tangent

17E – Equations involving trig functions

17F – Translations and reflections of functions

17G – Use your maths! Car wash

Test 9: S41 – S44


Revision for Year 11 Mock Exams
Spring Term
S45 – Algebra 2 6D – Iteration
S46 – Geometry 5 18E – Sine and cosine rule

18F – Trigonometry in 3D

18G – Use your maths! The real cost

S47 – Algebra 4 16D – Algebraic proof

16E – Use your maths! Buying a house

Test 10: S45 – S47

2 Revision
Summer Term
1 Revision
2 N/A


Autumn Term Topic Type of Assessment
CAT 1 Work listed above Test
CAT 2 Mock Exam GCSE Calc and Non-Calc papers Test
Spring Term
CAT 3 Work listed above Test
Summer Term

In addition to the above there is a weekly revision sheet reinforcing core skills.

Main Resources:

Resource Details Term
Text books Essential Maths higher GCSE 4-9 All
Recommended reading Please see link on Maths home page
Recommended websites

Equipment Pen, Pencil, full geometry set and  Casio scientific calculator All

Enrichment opportunities:

Activity Day and time
Maths Challengers Club Friday lunchtime
F1 Simulation Wednesday Lunchtime
Intermediate Maths Challenge February
Mentoring year 9 students By invitation all year
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