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Year 1

Ages 5 to 6

2d shapes, Adding with pictures, fractions, division by sharing, position, direction and turning, place value

Year 2

Ages 6 to 7

Addition and subtraction, Calculating time, Measuring, position, direction and turning, place value, Tally charts, Multiplications

Year 3

Ages 7 to 8

Angles and turns, Counting, Fractions, Calculating with money, Types of lines, Tables, charts and pictograms, Multiplications

Year 4

Ages 8 to 9

3d shapes, Equivalent fractions, Addition and subtraction, Place value, Coordinates, Roman numerals

Year 5

Ages 9 to 10

Divisibility rules, Units of measurements, Ordering and comapring decimals, Roman numerals, Division, Percentages

Year 6

Ages 10 to 11

Fractions, Solving equations, Negative numbers, coordinates, transformation, Calculating angles, Rounding and estimations

Year 7

Ages 11 to 12

Place value, Directed numbers, Conversion graphs, Area and perimeter, Calculating averages, Percentages

Year 8

Ages 12 to 13

Classifying, measuring and drawing angles, Area and perimeter, Coordinates, Calculating angles, Volume, capacity and density

Year 9

Ages 13 to 14

Area and circumference, Substitution, Linear equations, Transformations, Constructions, Ratio and proportions

GCSE Foundation

Ages 14 to 16

Bearings, Averages, Rounding and estimations,  Simultaneous equations

GCSE Higher

Ages 14 to 16

Circle theorem, Congruency and similarities, Trial and improvement, Trigonometry, Transforming Graphs, Quadratic sequence, Vectors

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